The impact of HPV vaccination on the prevention of oropharyngeal cancer: A scoping review

Katherine H. Kaczmarczyk Huda Yusuf

The impact of HPV vaccination on the prevention of oropharyngeal cancer: A scoping review

Authors: Katherine H. Kaczmarczyk Huda Yusuf
doi: 10.1922/CDH_00072Kaczmarczyk08


Introduction: HPV-associated oropharyngeal cancer (OPC) has one of the most rapidly rising incidences of any cancer in high-income countries. HPV vaccination is being tested to prevent HPV-associated OPC. Objective: To determine the effect of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination on the prevention of OPC in adults worldwide. Basic research design: Scoping review conducted using PRISMA-ScR Checklist. Method: An electronic literature search identified relevant records. Titles and abstracts were screened to assess eligibility by two researchers, and data from relevant full-text articles were extracted and synthesised. Results: Three-hundred-and-forty-three studies were identified, with eleven articles meeting the inclusion criteria. The most common study design was cross-sectional (n = 7), the most common location was the US (n = 6) and data collection periods spanned 2004 to 2020. One article found unvaccinated participants had a 19 times increased risk of developing OPC compared with those who had been vaccinated against HPV. The remaining papers showed that prevalence of HPV-vaccine-type oral infection was significantly lower in vaccinated participants than unvaccinated participants, with a reduction of oral HPV detection ranging from 72% to 93%. This reduction varied by sex. Conclusions: There is evidence to suggest that HPV vaccination reduces oral HPV infection and decreases the incidence of HPV-associated OPC. There is substantial need for further research which directly examines the relationship between HPV vaccination status and subsequent OPC development. Keywords: Prevention, review, vaccination, alphapapillomavirus, oropharyngeal neoplasms

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