June 2024

Volume 41, Issue 2


Article Pages Access
CDH Board June 2024 89-89 Download
Dental Public Health in Action: IDEA tool: Establishing a prioritisation matrix for oral health improvement interventions 90-94 Download
A quality appraisal of economic evaluations of community water fluoridation: A systematic review 95-105 Download
Adverse alcohol use and oral health 106-110 £10 single article
The oral health of adults with learning disabilities: A secondary analysis of the Adult Dental Health Survey 2009 111-116 £10 single article
Children's experiences during their first dental visit: A qualitative study 117-121 £10 single article
Caries experience, obesity and demographic factors in school children: A cluster analysis 122-127 £10 single article
Untangling the truth: User engagement with misinformation in toothache-related Facebook posts 128-133 £10 single article
Effect of family cohesion on oral health predictors in children and adolescents: A systematic review 134-139 £10 single article
Tobacco advertising and oral health among never smokers: the mediating role of secondhand smoke exposure 140-144 £10 single article
Is there a causal relationship between autoimmune diseases and oropharyngeal cancer? 145-151 £10 single article
Book Review: Rearranged. An opera singer's facial cancer and life transposed. Written by Kathleen Watt, Heliotrope Books, New York, 2023 152-152 Download


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