September 2007

Volume 24, Issue 3


Article Pages Access
The positive and negative impacts, and dangers of the Impact Factor 130-134 £10 single article
The prescription and outcomes of fissure sealants applied to a group of high caries risk children by general dental practitioners working in the North West of England 135-139 £10 single article
Prevalence of dental developmental anomalies: a radiographic study. 140-144 £10 single article
Assessment of orthodontic treatment needs in Brazilian schoolchildren according to the Dental Aesthetic Index (DAI). 145-148 £10 single article
Oral health acculturation in Albanian-speakers in south London 149-155 £10 single article
Dental caries in 5-year-old children attending multi-ethnic schools in Greater Glasgow – the impact of ethnic background and levels of deprivation 161-165 £10 single article
Cross-cultural adaptation of the Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP) for the Malaysian adult population. 166-175 £10 single article
Dental erosion among 12-14 year old school children in Khartoum: A pilot study 176-180 £10 single article
Provision of dental services in a dedicated clinic for HIV infected people in Greece 181-185 £10 single article
Reduction of caries in rural school-children exposed to fluoride through a Milk-Fluoridation Programme in Araucania, Chile 186-191 £10 single article


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