March 2010

Volume 27, Issue 1


Article Pages Access
Editorial -Improving services for cleft lip and palate. A work in progress 2-3 £10 single article
Acknowledgement of Referees 4-4 £10 single article
Preventive care and recall intervals. Targeting of services in child dental care in Norway 5-11 £10 single article
National survey of oral health status of children and adults in Turkey 12-17 £10 single article
The influence of economic incentives on treatment patterns in a third-party funded dental service 18-22 £10 single article
Barriers to restorative care as perceived by dental practitioners in Tanzania 23-28 £10 single article
Social inequality in perceived oral health among Sri Lankan adolescents 29-34 £10 single article
Complications following oral piercing. A study among 201 young adults in Strasbourg, France. 35-40 £10 single article
Is tooth wear in the primary dentition predictive of tooth wear in the permanent dentition? Report from a longitudinal study. 41-45 £10 single article
Are paediatric medicines risk factors for dental caries and dental erosion? 46-51 £10 single article
A study on neonatal factors and eruption time of primary teeth 52-56 £10 single article
Prevalence of aggressive periodontitis in 15-18 year old schoolchildren in Tehran, Iran 57-59 £10 single article
Chewing stick use among African immigrants in West Philadelphia: implications for oral health providers 60-64 £10 single article


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