December 2009

Volume 26, Issue 4

Professional charges not reimbursed to dentists in the US: evidence from Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, 1996.

Authors: A. Chattopadhyay G.D. Slade D.J. Caplan
doi: 10.1922/CDH_2312Chattopadhyay07


Objectives: This cross-sectional study examined professional charges not paid to dentists. Methods: This analysis used logistic regression in SUDAAN examining the 1996 MEPS data from 12,931 adults. Results: Among people incurring dental care charges, 13.6% had more than $50 of unpaid charge (UC). The percapita UC was $53.30. Total UC was higher for highest income group [45.4% of total] compared to lowest income group [26.0%]. The percapita UC of $76.70 for low income group was significantly greater than for high income group ($47.80, P<0.01). More Medicaid recipients (52% vs. non-recipients: 12%) incurred at least $50 in UC (P<0.01). Adjusted odds of incurring UC were greater for those employed (OR=1.3, 95%CI: 1.0-1.7), and for those with private insurance (OR: 1.5, CI: 1.31.9). Number of dental procedure types modified the association between Medicaid recipient and UC (OR=13.6 for Medicaid recipients undergoing multiple procedure types; OR: 2.3 for Medicaid non-recipients with multiple procedure types; OR: 1.9 for Medicaid recipients receiving single dental procedure. Conclusions: Having private insurance, being unemployed and being Medicaid insured undergoing multiple procedure were strongest predictors of UC. Key words: Dental charges, expenditure, MEPS, socio-demographic, unreimbursed charges, Medicaid, dental procedures.

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