December 2018

Volume 35, Issue 4

Editorial: Public Health at Christmas

Authors: Professor Peter G Robinson
doi: 10.1922//CDHRobinson2018DecEd02


Last Christmas the The TaxPayers’ Alliance (2018) released its ‘Nanny State approved Christmas lunch’. The Alliance claimed to have followed NHS nutritional guidelines to calculate “what a public health puritan approved Christmas lunch would look like”. The lunch was suitably austere, comprising amongst (not many) other things, 125 grams of turkey, half a serving of boiled potatoes and 25 grams of sprouts. Dessert was frugal too, with only a tenth of a serving of Christmas pudding and 15 ml of brandy cream, although the 45 grams of cheese and 30 grams of pate have got me looking forward to December already. We haven’t even got to the alcohol yet; where we were apparently limited to three quarters of a glass of wine and a quarter of a glass each of Champagne, gin and tonic, port and brandy (Other menus are available for readers with different culinary traditions and religious beliefs).


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