June 2023

Volume 40, Issue 2

Dental Public Health in Action: Equity analysis audit of access and utilisation of Special Care Dental Services by ethnicity and social demographic markers

Authors: Saarah Kaba Joshua Quach Claire Turner Robert J. Emanuel
doi: 10.1922/CDH_00188Emanuel04


Community Dental Health (2023) 40, 75–78 Received 24 August 2022; Accepted 26 January 2023 Objective: To identify and investigate any differences in utilisation of the, Sussex Community NHSFT, Special Care Dental Service (SCDS) across multiple demographic factors, including ethnicity, socio-economic groups and age in the Crawley area. Method: Data were audited for all new patients seen at the Crawley Special Care Dental Centre from November 2020-October 2021. Demographic data were compared to population data from the 2011 Census. Deprivation data, using Index of Multiple Deprivation, were also examined against utilisation and failure to attend appointments. Results: A total of 1250 new patients accessed the Crawley SCDS between November 2020 and October 2021. The data suggests good equity to the service being utilised by the local community; the proportions of patients utilising the service over the course of a year from different ethnic groups reflected the demographic profile of Crawley. The proportion of failed appointments showed no correlation with deprivation decile. There was also no association between ethnic group and proportion of failed appointments. Conclusion: Ensuring equal utilisation of healthcare for all population groups has become a priority for healthcare providers. This audit found minimal inequities in utilisation of the Special Care Dental Service at Crawley. Keywords: Ethnicity, access, audit, equality, special care dentistry


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