September 2023

Volume 40, Issue 3

Adults’ estimated prevalence of healthy behavior in society and self-reported oral health status and behaviors

Authors: Mahnegar Shariati Niloofar Noori Melika Hoseinzadeh Mehdi Feizi Ali Kazemian
doi: 10.1922/CDH_00089Shariati05


Objective: To assess Mashhad residents’ self-perceived oral health level (OHL) and behaviors in relation to their perceptions of those of their fellow citizens. Methods: Cross-sectional telephone survey of 384 individuals recruited from communication centers. The interviews followed a validated Persian schedule with three main sections: 1) background information, 2) questions regarding self-reported OHL, and 3) questions regarding respondents’ perceptions of the OHL of their fellow citizens. Results: Participants’ mean self-rated OHL and tooth brushing frequency were higher than those of their fellow citizens. The correlation between self-reported and the estimated decayed and missing (DMT) was highest in the middle and lowest in the upper classes. Perceptions of the self- and others’ OHL and DMT were positively correlated, with the latter being more so. Education level, age, and tooth brushing frequency affected self-perceived OHL and DMT. Conclusion: Participants’ perceived OHL could be explained by their estimation of the general population’s oral health. These findings suggest that social norm interventions could nudge improving oral health behaviors. Keywords: oral health, self-perception, health literacy, social norm, nudge theory, telephone interview

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