March 2017

Volume 34, Issue 1

Using the simplified case mix tool (sCMT) to identify cost in special care dental services to support commissioning

Authors: B.G. Duane R. Freeman D. Richards S. Crosbie P. Patel S. White G. Humphris
doi: 10.1922/CDH_4012Duane04


To commission dental services for vulnerable (special care) patient groups effectively, consistently and fairly an evidence base is needed of the costs involved. The simplified Case Mixed Tool (sCMT) can assess treatment mode complexity for these patient groups. Objective: To determine if the sCMT can be used to identify costs of service provision. Clinical Setting: Patients (n=495) attending the Sussex Community NHS Trust Special Care Dental Service for care were assessed using the sCMT. Main Measures: sCMT score and costs (staffing, laboratory fees, etc.) besides patient age, whether a new patient and use of general anaesthetic/intravenous sedation. Method: Statistical analysis (adjusted linear regression modelling) compared sCMT score and costs then sensitivity analyses of the costings to age, being a new patient and sedation use were undertaken. Regression tables were produced to present estimates of service costs. Results: Costs increased with sCMT total scale and single item values in a predictable manner in all analyses except for ‘cooperation’. Costs increased with the use of IV sedation; with each rising level of the sCMT, and with complexity in every sCMT category, except cooperation. Conclusion: Costs increased with increase in complexity of treatment mode as measured by sCMT scores. Measures such as the sCMT can provide predictions of the resource allocations required when commissioning special care dental services. Key words: cost, special care, case mix tool, economics, contract services, diagnosis-related groups, relative-value scales, cost analysis, England


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