December 2017

Volume 34, Issue 4


Authors: Professor Peter G Robinson
doi: 10.1922/CDHRobinson2017DecEd01


Will my work be published? Professor Peter G Robinson Part of the journal’s mission is to support developing colleagues with better signposting to good science. This involves providing education and training, encouraging better use of theory and making more explicit use of reporting guidelines. We started some of this work at the symposium at June’s EADPH conference in Vilnius. As we put the finishing touches to the December issue, I reflected on whether the advice given in the symposium had been appropriate and effective. The answers were “Yes” and “No” respectively. So, with a relevant message that might not have reached everyone, I offer a new checklist for authors planning research or preparing for submission. Of course, editors and referees review papers for the journal using very similar criteria. Authors should ask themselves the following two questions and be guided by the sub-questions within each category.


Other articles in this issue

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Editorial 192-192 Download
Oral health survey of five-year-olds 2014/15: Have strategies for increasing the levels of parental consent in Bradford been effective? 193-195 Download
Factors supporting dentist leaders´ retention in leadership 196-202 Download
Dental status in nursing home residents with domiciliary dental care in Sweden 203-207 Download
Supervised toothbrushing programs in primary schools and early childhood settings: A scoping review 208-225 Download
Investigating socioeconomic position in dental caries and traumatic dental injury among children in Quebec 226-233 Download
The interaction effects between race and functional disabilities on the prevalence of self-reported periodontal diseases - National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2011-2012 234-240 Download
Finnish dentists find smoking cessation important but seldom offer practical support for their patients 241-247 Download
Examiner calibration in caries detection for populations and settings where in vivo calibration is not practical 248-253 Download
Correspondence to Editor 254-254 Download


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