March 2012

Volume 29, Issue 1

Acknowledgement of Referees



Acknowledgement of Referees We are indebted to the colleagues named below who, during 2011, gave generously of their time and expertise in refereeing papers submitted to Community Dental Health. The editorial team would also like to acknowledge the work of John Beal who has provided the historical information for the ‘grand circle’ on the front cover. Jasim Albandar Peter Ash Vibeke Baelum Sarah Baker David Bartlett Paul Batchelor Peter Bateman John Beal Raman Bedi Philip Benson Jan Bergstrom Eduardo Bernabé Stephen Birch Andy Blinkhorn Denis Bourgeois Elizabeth Bower Janine Brooks Katie Buchanan Donald Burden Girvan Burnside Yvonne Buunk-Werkhoven Barbara Chadwick Ivor Chestnutt Valerie Clerehugh David Conway Yvonne Dailey Gareth Davies Robin Davies Chris Deery Martin Downer Tom Dyer Lilani Ekanayake Tim Elmer Ron Ettinger Catherine Exley Padhraig Fleming Ruth Freeman Jenny Gallagher George Gillespie Rima Gluzman Jenny Godson Paulo Goes Karen Gordon Sue Greening Susan Griffin Gareth Griffiths Jostein Grytten John Hamburger Rebecca Harris Jayne Harrison Ola Haugejorden Hannu Hausen Susan Higham John Highfield Martin Hobdell Chris Holmgren Dorthe Holst Deborah Holt Eino Honkala Anders Hugoson Gerry Humphris Thomas Imfeld Nicola Innes Robert Jagger Ad de Jongh Anup Karki Liz Kay Albert Kingman Karina Klause Tellervo Korhonen Jayanth Kumar Sahtu Lahti Debbie Lewis Edward Lo John Lowry Iain Mackie Anne Maguire Marisa Maltz Richard Manski Rodrigo Mariño Zoe Marshman Colman McGrath Gerald McKenna Alex Milosevic Keith Milsom Victor Minichiello Mike Morgan Tim Newton Sam Ng Ibrahim Ngom Ola Norderyd Anne Nordrehaug Åstrøm Nigel Nuttall Kevin O’Brien Deborah O’Connor Anna-Lena Ostberg Klaus Pieper Nigel Pitts Stephen Porter Addy Pruijssers Carlos Quinonez Andrew Rawlinson Derek Richards Kaye Roberts-Thomson Helen Rodd Eric Rooney Andrew Rugg-Gunn Paul Rutter Lone Schouten Crispian Scully Harold Sgan-Cohen William Shaw Gary Slade Paul Speight Jimmy Steele Mike Stevenson Daranee Tantbirojn Markus Themessl-Huber Martin Thornhill Martin Tickle Norman Tinanoff Henri Treadwell Georgios Tsakos Chris Vernanza Angus Walls Saman Warnakulasuriya Richard Watt Trevor Watts Deborah White Helen Worthington Albert Yeung Yuefang Zhou 4

£10 single article

Other articles in this issue

Article Pages Access
Editorial - Dental Public Health in Action 3-3 £10 single article
Acknowledgement of Referees 4-4 £10 single article
A description of a specialist led primary care based oral surgery service 5-7 £10 single article
The caries experience of 11 to 12 year-old children in Scotland and Wales and 12 year-olds in England in 2008-2009: Reports of co-ordinated surveys using BASCD methodology 8-13 £10 single article
Assessment of caries experience in epidemiological surveys: a review 14-20 £10 single article
Dental caries experience among 12-year-old children in Northwest Russia 20-24 £10 single article
Variations in caries diagnoses and treatment recommendations and their impacts on the costs of oral health care 25-28 £10 single article
Caries prevalence of 5, 12 and 15-year-old Greek children: A national pathfinder survey 29-32 £10 single article
Associated factors of tooth wear among Malaysian 16-year-olds: a case-control study in Kota Bharu, Kelantan 33-38 £10 single article
Factors associated with self-assessed masticatory ability among community-dwelling elderly Japanese 39-44 £10 single article
The use of occlusal indices in high-impact literature 45-48 £10 single article
Oral health status of a group of illicit drug users in Delhi, India 49-54 £10 single article
Promoting Positive Health Behaviours – ‘Tooth Worm’ Phenomenon and its Implications 55-61 £10 single article
Development and testing of a theory-based behavioural change intervention: A pilot investigation in a nursery school in a deprived area of Scotland 62-67 £10 single article
The oral health status of Special Olympics athletes in Belgium 68-73 £10 single article
Coincidence and awareness of oral parafunctions in college students 74-77 £10 single article
Illness-related behaviour and sociodemographic determinants of oral health care use in Dabou, Côte d’Ivoire 78-84 £10 single article
Number of teeth and its association with central obesity in older Southern Brazilians 85-89 £10 single article
Perception of oral health related quality of life (OHQoL-UK) among periodontal risk patients before and after periodontal therapy 90-94 £10 single article
Dental Fluorosis, Dental Caries, and Quality of Life Factors among Schoolchildren in a Colombian Fluorotic Area 95-99 £10 single article
Relationship of Periodontal Disease to Pre-term Low Birth Weight Infants in a Selected Population - A Prospective Study. 100-105 £10 single article
Dental Enamel Defects in Italian Children with Cystic Fibrosis: an observational study 106-109 Download
Orofacial pain symptoms and associated disability and psychosocial impact in community-dwelling and institutionalized elderly in Hong Kong 110-116 £10 single article
Association of hyposalivation with oral function, nutrition and oral health in community-dwelling elderly Thai 117-123 £10 single article
Assessment of the relationship between perceptions of dental aesthetics and demand for orthodontic treatment in 10 – 11 year old school children in Birmingham, UK. 124-128 £10 single article


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