March 2016

Volume 33, Issue 1

Fluoride varnish or fluoride mouth rinse? A comparative study of two school-based programs

Authors: S. Twetman B. J. Klausen M.K. Keller
doi: 10.1922/CDH_3869Keller04


Objective: In many Danish communities, school-based fluoride programs are offered to children with high caries risk in adjunct to tooth brushing. The purpose of this field trial was to compare the caries-preventive effectiveness of two different fluoride programs in 6-12 year olds. Basic research design: Clinical controlled trial. Clinical setting: The 2-year study was conducted in Public Dental Clinics in a multicultural low-socioeconomic suburban area of Odense, Denmark with an elevated prevalence of caries compared to the city average. Participants: 1,018 children (aged 6-12 years) from 9 different schools were enrolled after informed consent and their class unit was randomly allocated to one of two fluoride programs. Interventions: One group received a semi-annual fluoride varnish applications (FV) and the other group continued with an existing program with fluoride mouth rinses once per week (FMR). All children received oral hygiene instructions and comprehensive dental care at the local Public Dental Clinics throughout the study period. Main outcome measures: Increment of caries lesions in permanent teeth at both cavitated and initial caries levels. Results: The groups were balanced at baseline. After two years, 961 children (94.4%) were reexamined. The FV group showed a mean DMFS increment of 0.36 compared to 0.41 in the FMR group. The corresponding values for initial caries lesions were 0.83 and 0.91 respectively. Conclusion: There were no statistically significant differences in caries development over two years among children participating in a school-based fluoride varnish or mouth rinse program. Key words: fluorides, topicals, mouthwashes, cariostatic agents, Denmark


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