December 2019

Volume 36, Issue 4

Differences between caregiver-perceived and dentist-assessed oral health status of patients among intellectual disabilities

Authors: Sun Mi Cho Ji-Soo Song Juhea Chang
doi: 10.1922/CDH_4583Cho07


Objective: This study compared the caregiver-perceived and dentist-determined oral health status of patients with intellectual disabilities to determine factors that affect caregiver-perception of patients’ oral health. Materials and Methods: 297 patients [mean (SD) age = 51.9 (12.5) years] and 56 professional caregivers [42.1 (8.2) years] from three institutional facilities took part. Data were acquired via selfadministered questionnaires by caregivers and oral examination by dentists. Oral hygiene condition, numbers of decayed and missing teeth, and periodontal disease reported by caregivers and dentists were compared using paired t-test and Pearson correlation. Demographic and dental factors of the patients and caregivers were analyzed using chi square and Fisher’s exact tests. Results: Caregivers underestimated decayed and missing teeth compared to dentists (p<0.05). Oral hygiene condition and periodontal disease were similarly rated by the two groups. Tooth brushing, diet type, sex, and overall oral health status of the patients were associated with caregiver perception (p<0.05). Career length and time since caregivers last received dental care were also related factors (p<0.05). Conclusion: Professional caregivers of adult patients with intellectual disabilities had different perceptions of oral health status based on patient and caregiver circumstances. Keywords: Caregiver, Dentist, Intellectual disability, Oral health, Special care


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