March 2023

Volume 40, Issue 1

Dental Public Health in Action: Delivering a domestic violence and abuse screening and identification training programme in North Staffordshire-based dental practices

Authors: Janine L. Doughty Hayley Ferns Kate Taylor-Weetman Jill Allbutt Laura Breeze Georgina Brown Alison Bedwell Clare Banks
doi: 10.1922/CDH_00153Doughty06


Domestic violence and abuse (DVA) is a significant public health problem both globally and in the UK. Dental professionals are aptly place to detect the signs of DVA and support patients to disclose DVA. However, dental professionals may lack confidence to identify and refer patients experiencing DVA; training needs in these areas were identified in Staffordshire. Glow DVA charity and the local Dental Public Health teams worked collaboratively to develop DVA training and resources specific to the needs to the dental team; these were provided to participating dental practices in the North-Staffordshire region. Feedback from the training was positive and the training was refined to better meet the needs of the dental team.mKey challenges included obtaining dental team buy in, securing funding for the continuation of the initiative and minimising the disruption to the dental team when attending training sessions or when managing a DVA disclosure. The implementation of the training highlighted the importance of DVA champions within the third sector organisations to develop and evolve the project, within dental practices to support implementation, and within the local Dental Public Health team to facilitate dental team buyin and sustained engagement. Future plans include developing the patient-facing resources, finding ways to formally accredit dental teams for taking part in the DVA programme, and evaluating the impact of the training programme on DVA screening, identification and referral. Keywords: prevention, health promotion, intervention, domestic violence and abuse, dental teams


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