September 2022

Volume 39, Issue 3

Dental Anxiety as a Risk Factor for Facebook Intrusion

Authors: Małgorzata Sobol Alicja Senejko Agata Blachnio Joanna Chwaszcz
doi: 10.1922/CDH_00034Sobol04


Objective: To investigate the relationships between dental anxiety, Facebook intrusion, and shame. Methods: A sample of 498 adults aged 16–69 years completed an online questionnaire comprising the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale, the Facebook Intrusion Scale, and the Shame scale from the Test of Self-Conscious Affect. Results: Dental anxiety was positively associated with Facebook intrusion. There were also indirect effects of dental anxiety on Facebook intrusion through shame. Conclusions: The results highlight the problem of dental anxiety in the context of Facebook intrusion risk. The findings may be applicable in Internet dependency prevention and treatment, focused on help in coping with the anxiety related to doctors’ appointments. Keywords: dental anxiety, shame, Facebook intrusion

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